Plasma Cut Art: WW1, WW2 and Aftermath Memorial

We were recently commissioned to design and make nine plates to commemorate World War One, World War Two and the aftermath- three on each subject.

We worked closely with the customer over a few months to bring his vision to life, eventually resulting in these six scenes depicting historical moments from both world wars, and three plates depicting the institutions that were established after the war to prevent any more.

Each one is approximately 620mm x 620mm, plasma cut onto 4mm mild steel.

WW1 plasma cut silhouette art- going over the top in the trenches 

WW1 silhouette plasma cut art- gas attack

WW1 silhouette art plasma cut- solitary soldier mourning

WW2 plasma cut art- lancaster bomber caught in searchlights

WW2 plasma cut art memorial- Barmaley fountain in Stalingrad destroyed

WW2 plasma cut art- forced labour camp prisoners of war

Plasma cut art- EU, Nato and United Nations