How to Submit Design Work for Custom Orders

I have a brilliant idea I want you to make for me. How can I submit a design for you to plasma cut?

We accept all the regular stuff like pdf, png, dxf, jpg, ect. But, it can be pretty much any image. We've worked from photos, paintings, hand drawings... literally, if you've got a visual format of it we can do something with it.

Specifically what we do, if you're really interested, is tidy up or sometimes redraw the design or image on the computer, which can take between 10 minutes and a few hours, depending on the complexity of the design and what quality of image we're working from. We then need to save that re drawn image in a specific format, before we run it through the special programme for our machine which turns it into G CODE, a format the machine can understand. 

So You Can Work From Anything Then?

Almost. What we can't work from is a vague description. Or do any design work before an order is placed. It's nothing personal honest, we're just not mind readers and working for free doesn't pay the bills!

So please, we beg of you, if you get in contact to have something custom made be SPECIFIC about what you want (that means dimensions, font choice, ect.) and, if you want to make our day, INCLUDE PICTURES.

Anything else I should know about designing something to plasma cut?

CNC Plasma cutting is 2D, so you should plan your design as a silhouette with "positive" solid metal parts and "negative" areas where the holes are going to be cut out.

And of course, if you give us a finished piece of work you've designed and we turn it into a custom plasma cut sign for you, that's still your design to keep and we will not reproduce it to sell on our website.