What is CNC Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting metal by blowing it out with gas and plasma.

Basically, plasma is a really hot beam that melts away metal in its path and gas (usually air from a big compressor) blows out at the same time to remove the molten metal and leave a clean cut edge (well, there is still some "dross" left behind that needs cleaning off by hand, but that's the general idea.)

The CNC part simply means a computer controls the cutting, instead of a human hand, making it easier to cut lines with great accuracy.

Ok, What Else Should I Know?

Plasma cutting is a 2D process, so you should imagine your sign or artwork as a silhouette. Think of it as either "positive" where the solid metal parts are, or "negative" where the holes are cut out of it. That does mean some designs need to be modified to make them work with plasma, but we've gotten pretty good at that now.

CNC Plasma cutting is perfect for cutting large metal signs, custom brackets and car parts, but there is a limit to how small and fine it can cut. If you need small, intricate parts making, a laser cutter would be best for that.

What Kind of Metal Can Be Plasma Cut?

Plasma can cut many types of metal including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Mild steel is most commonly cut as it is the most affordable type of metal. Also stainless steel and aluminium are toxic so special breathing apparatus is needed to cut it safely.